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The Society is established for the purposes of the progresses in researches and technologies, international exchanges and collaborations of personnels, enlightenment and education of our original knowledges in world-wide chromosome botany.



All persons who subscribe Chromosome Botany (Electric Journal ISSN 1881-8285) are interested in modern molecular and traditional orthodox fields in correlationships between plant chromosomes and botany fields and encouraged to support the International Society of Chromosome Botany by joining the Society. Advantages of membership are:

Affiliation with colleagues who share your interests.

Subscription to gChromosome Botanyh, the Societyfs organ-journal.

Eligibility to submit manuscripts to Chromosome Botany with unlimited pages free of page charges.

Opportunity to present papers at the Societyfs annual meeting and international conference at irregular intervals.


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(Apr. 10. 2018) New issue of Chromosome Botany (Vol.12, No.4) was released.

(Nov. 25. 2017) New issue of Chromosome Botany (Vol.12, No.3) was released.

(Nov. 24. 2017) The style of website was renewed.

(Oct. 2. 2017) By laws was renewed.


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